The game book on dating

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It will introduce you to some of its originators, its culture and open your eyes to what it is possible to achieve with women.

It also provides some insight into where and how a lot of today's dating advice has come into being, and how reliable it is.

The book follows Neil Strauss, Mystery (Erik von Markovik) and other Pick Up Artists on their journey to success with women, and the beginnings of the first Pick Up Artists teaching their skills to other men. He obviously loves himself to much and doesnt feel heard, he just waffles on about random crap.I went out and made an idiot of myself, said a lot of stupid things to girls, looked like an idiot. I really don't think it was meant to be a full fledged 'how-to' manual.The Game is a fun read, but by no means is it a book to really learn your game from. It is kind of known as the book that everybody starts with. But after you read it, read some material that actually is meant to teach you how do to the stuff in the game, or other stuff. I mainly liked it because of the back stories behind this journey form nerd to player.In particular, I remember what one of my buddies said when he read it, "You always knew it was there...but noone talked about it, you always knew there was a reason the worst guys seemed to get the girls.. The curtain is drawn on the big secret." That is the value of this book - it will 'open your eyes' to the possibilities.

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