Teen dating problems

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Understanding teenagers and social problems is important for adult role models.A rumor at school or feeling left out may seem like an insignificant problem to an adult who is struggling to make ends meet or dealing with a difficult relationship.The victim may experience: On a daily basis, teens influence their peers on everything from clothes to illegal activities. Kids who are curious about a certain behavior may decide to try, particularly if they think everyone else is doing it. A teen may decide to satisfy his curiosity if all of the other party guests are consuming alcohol.Why do they allow themselves to be swayed by peers? Peer pressure results in poor decisions made by teens.Yet verbal attacks affect the victim in many of the same ways.Bullying may lead to other social problems, such as low self-esteem and making poor choices.Influences on self-esteem come from a variety of sources.Body changes during puberty, slender models in the media, bullying and the home life of the child play a role in its development.

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She may feel left out or less worthy than peers that are deemed prettier, skinnier or more popular.Teenagers gain an increasing amount of independence from their parents as they enter middle school and high school.Unlike the early years, kids in this age group often look to friends instead of parents for guidance.There are many ways for teens to improve self-esteem once they realize it is a personal process.Ideas include: Parents, teachers or other adults in a teen's life serve as a support system.

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