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Getting teens and young adults to open up and have honest dialogue about relationships has been treacherous territory for parents since forever.For the adults who grew up and dated before social media existed, it’s easy to feel somewhat alarmed about the whole topic when we keep hearing about today’s “hook-up culture.”And for teens and young adults, there is the weirdness of easily being able to find a potential partner through social media, but a challenge to progress to meaningful face-to-face connections.Whether our kids engage in long-term relationships and use the term “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” during high school and college, or “hang out” with a series of different people, here are five basic guidelines to start a discussion with them, and to revisit as they mature and their relationships evolve.Be conscious of your social media presence and think about the kind of people you will attract with your photos and comments.Phase One commences with Social Media Research, also known as “Stalking.” In under three minutes, enough data can be gathered to let the young person know if they even need to contemplate moving on to the next phase.Of course, dating apps, such as Tinder and Bumble, can fast-track Phase One even more efficiently.You’ve got to hand it to the honest users whose profiles cut to the chase with statuses like “Looking for hook-ups only” or “In search of a lifelong partner.” Like someone’s profile?Direct message them and chances are a response comes back within a few hours.

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At this stage, parents might foolishly assume dating has commenced, but that term still should not be used, unless your teen or young adult has explicitly used it themselves first.Recently I saw a notice online about a community forum that hoped to bring teens and their parents together to talk about dating and relationships.And while I don’t mean to be snarky, it made me chuckle because ?I mean I sat my friend down and asked him "are you going to marry her" and he was like no.So I asked why he was even in a relationship since it would obviously end up in heart brake and he said "because everyone else is".

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