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Our residents, especially curators, work with our archive.We try, when it’s possible, to involve residents in projects that we realize.Our aim for the residency and residents is not production, as we understand that in some cases one month is too little time to create something.We have three main directions we’re concentrating on, all of them are intertwined.Unfortunately, students of the academy visit us rarely, because I guess unfortunately they’re not interested in such information.Nini Palavandishvili: Educational system in Georgia is weak.As I collaborate with artists and curators, I can implement the result of my research into practical works and also learn a great deal from them.It motivates me to do what I’m writing about and working on at the same time.

Nini Palavandishvili: There’re three of us, we work collaboratively and share tasks, but each of us can lead also different projects, which connect at some point.So, we’re focusing more on working with people than with artists.In Georgia there are still not many artists who work on social issues and/or with communities, that’s the problem.I think, it’ll be a great competitor to the academy.There’re higher prices at the Free University but there you can get knowledge. Nothing changes there, things become worse and worse.

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