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To plant a tree, activate the treasure chest icon, then select the first menu entry.

Scroll through the inventory items shown in this catalog until you reach the seed package you're seeking, and then select it. After you've harvested a tree, you can plant another to replace it.

Depending on how you care for the family they will aspire to different talents such as intelligence or creativity doing art. There's so much to explain about this version of the connection that it's not even funny.

You can also effectively pause your tamagotchi by leaving it in the Set Time mode (Push button B, then button A and C together. However if you set the clock for your Tamagotchis to go to sleep and then set it back to the correct time she will wake up and you will get 3 more tries. Using mainly the first item will result in a Sociable Family, using mainly the second item will result in an Active Family and using mainly the third item will result in an Artistic Family.

The best thing is that you can keep these items forever. Once again the antenna is a little annoying in my opinion, but all the new stuff more than makes up for it!

: DHere is a picture of the one I currently own: Going for really cheap at -30 brand new. Just don't pay more than if you do an auction cause then you may as well have just done Buy It Now.(NOTE: If you own any of these images and would like them credited or removed, please contact me ASAP and I will comply with your request.

But on the plus side you can still connect to the brand new v5 website at Tama just like with the v3 and v4.

You can also input special passwords in your v5 to get free items.

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