Tamagotchi tama go dating place

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From the looks of the images, it appears to be a black-and-white version of the Tamagotchi Plus Color.

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If your tama makes a mess, select the "Toilet" icon (third icon.) If there are squiggles around your tama and its moving from side-to-side, quickly select the "Toilet" icon so your tama can use the toilet instead of making a mess on the floor. Go to the Door icon and select "Dating Place" (sixth option.) Your tama will go to the Dating Place. After they both talk, a tama of a different gender will walk up to your tama.

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Initially, it for my personal use; but I thought that I'd want to share my love for Tamagotchi with my fellow Tama fans! If you see something that's yours, please contact me and I will gladly credit you for it! X / Meets Station Tamagotchi 4U & 4U Tamagotchi Friends Tamagotchi P's & Pocket Designer Tamagotchi i D & i D L Tamagotchi Connection Series (V1-V6 & Tama-Go) BACKLIGHT MOD TUTORIAL - Learn how to add backlight to your Vintage and Connection Tamagotchis!!

) Tamagotchi Meets / On Mobile App - Compatible with Tamagotchi Meets & Tamagotchi M! Eevee X Tamagotchi Guides MORE TAMAGOTCHI GUIDES ON NEOMAMETCHI FORUM TAMATOWN has loads of guides and FAQ's. Sumikko Atsume English Translation Guide - Created by Rachel for Fuzzy N Chic Printable Faceplates - Created by Fuzzy N Chic Sumikko Sagashi English Translation Guide - Created by Rachel for Fuzzy N Chic (this guide is incomplete, so I would appreciate any contribution!

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