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“Using the internet to 'get out there’ allows one to be more proactive,” says dating adviser Paula Rosdol.“I say to clients: 'As mature individuals, you’ve taken control of your finances, health, family matters…There are currently 33,000 people using Telegraph Dating and 20 per cent of those are expats and more than 65 per cent are university or college-educated.So what makes them choose to date through the Telegraph rather than use one of the other 1,400 sites operating in the UK?isn’t it time to start taking control of your love life?The internet is a good place to start.’” If you want proof that internet dating can work, you have only to take a look at the “success story” section on the Telegraph Dating site to find positive reports from dozens of satisfied users.

“I was working in the City doing long hours, and like many professional females, didn’t have time to meet people.He had a very kind face.” Similarly, Kevin was struck by Inge.“I was captivated by her smile and her ability to laugh at my rubbish jokes.“She stood out a mile above the rest as the woman I would love to meet.She had similar interests in adventure sports, seemed good fun, attractive – and she baked!

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