Stanley plane dating pictures

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I figure to use epoxy to fill the gaps and hopefully make a stronger bond (any suggestions welcome if you don’t think that is a good idea).

I’d like to keep the original knob and tote – there’s something to be said for touching and using the same handles that my grandpa used.

The only significant marking is behind the front knob – “MADE IN USA”.

the knob and tote look as if they had some reddish stain or paint on them at one time.

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I plan to rummage around in their garage soon to see if I can find those two pieces.

And don’t worry – I won’t clean it up too much :) hey Tom – I was reading the tutorial about embedding the pics, but I am using flickr and couldn’t find how to get the HTML tag. -- ...straight lines or tight lines, either will make me happy!

Muddler I purchased this same plane at the local antique shop – I gave .50 for it.

You’re correct that they are a knockoff of Bailey planes.

They could have been made by any one of the other tool makers for who knows what retailer. Angle, Jordan Valley, Oregon here’s some pics that I should’ve added originally.

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