Sqldatasource updating gridview dating the enemy amanda

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The Sql Data Source Selecting Event Args object is packed with a property called “Cancel” which can be used to cancel the databind.There will be requirements where we need to fetch the number of records or rows returned by Sql Data Source control.The previous section explained about an event called “onselecting” which gets raised during select operations.This means that the selected data will be available only after this event.I created a 'gridview' by dragging the table onto an empty web form in Visual Developer Express. When I click Advanced should see the Generate Insert, Update and Delete statements check box but it is greyed out.It isn't in all the video tutorials I have watched.Net framework which greatly simplifies the data access.In this article, we have seen some of the advance usages of Sql Data Source control which makes the control usage effective in those scenarios.

Drag a Sql Data Source control and a Grid View control from the “Data” tab of Visual Studio toolbar. Netframework 2.0, there are lot of new features added that made the data access very easier and simpler.This release added a new set of data access controls to the control set called Data Source controls.Sql Data Source control exposes the Sql Command object that is being used in DB operation through the Sql Data Source Selecting Event Args object in On Selecting event.We can change the SQL query dynamically on this event using the Sql Data Source Selecting Event Args object.

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