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There’s even a handy trick that lets you screen videos more quickly – by tapping and holding on the video playing, the app will play it back at 5x speed, allowing you to get an idea of the content without suffering through the whole video.

[gallery ids="1086479,1086480,1086481,1086482"] Another technically creative feature is the way the app syncs up with content found on Cakey’s website.

You Tube has a lot of great content for kids, from cartoons and sing-alongs to kids’ TV clips and toy unboxing videos, Minecraft and Legos videos, and much more.

But the problem with allowing kids to access Google’s You Tube application is that it’s not locked down.

“I used to run a site that helped people make babies,” Hong jokes.

The app itself has a minimal, under-designed user interface that lacks polish, but frankly, kids don’t really care about that sort of thing, you’ll find.

That way, when it comes time to update the content, parents know what videos to add and which ones to remove.

“By building it on the web, parents can do it from work or wherever, and they’ll be triggered by those usage reports I email. At launch, the app comes with 3,000 videos in 109 collections, and is aimed at children 2 to 6.

While the app comes pre-stocked with videos to keep your child entertained, parents are also able to build their own collections in Parent Mode.

Here, they can search across You Tube and preview videos and video playlists before adding them to their own collection.

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