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There was a lot of discussion between us about what enabling change meant for Planning Corps, but we did agree on connecting with non-profits.There are lots of ways to support those connections – in a one-off workshop versus over several months, with one-to-one versus a team, and so on.You should explain the Queens Boulevard collaboration; it demonstrates this perfectly.A little background for those who aren’t familiar with NYC: Queens Boulevard is a major east west arterial corridor in the Borough of Queens. We’ve been writing short updates at but nothing that explores the ideas behind Planning Corps.Co Lab Radio seems like a good place to have a longer discussion.I think we started with a conversation about planner speed dating – whether you could get planners hooked up with people who need the skills that planners can offer, to the mutual benefit of both sides.

It’s also helpful that TA is relatively large, compared to many smaller non-profits or community groups, so this collaboration isn’t competing with other essential tasks for any of the staff.

How much can be done in an hour, if the best abilities revolve around nurturing involvement, dealing with diverse voices, and unlocking community engagement?

How useful can your contribution be if you know nothing about the local context and your involvement is over at the end of the evening?

At the time I was asking a lot of questions about the pace of planning – feeling that people come bursting out of grad school and get tangled up in institutions and the slower pace of change on the outside, despite the urgency of the challenges we face.

Setting up Planning Corps gave us a way to try out a different model of engagement ourselves, and see what does and doesn’t work.

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