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The event host was not every good at sending out results unless I contact the company customer service.

HIGHLY recommend avoiding this service, unless you like false advertising, unprofessional organizers and hosts, and being called a liar as customer and consumer.

Everybody was a bit nervous at the beginning but as soon as the first date started all the tension seemed to go away.

After attending serval events since dating is a numbers game I find the service to do down the hill.

We were told the same things, it was our fault and mistaken ideas, and that no money can be returned.

Very efficient way to meet lots of singles in a night.

Figured it would be a fine experience but was quite fun for sure. After the mini dates ended I handed the hostess my match sheet and received the results the next day. Decided to try speed dating after being frustrated with online dating and all the time that takes let alone issues like photos not being up to date etc.

Well organized event by the organizer in my region.

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Thought I would at least get 3 out of the 10 guys or so that I met.Reno is not a city for singles IMO unless you are a college student, already from Reno and have a social circle in place.Why waiting, sign up now for faster dates and start speed dating in Marripalem today.The only positive is after attending over 12 events and spending a lot of capital, I dated someone from predating for a few months.The event ran smoothly, people had a good time, the event host kept things light and fun.

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