Speed dating love stories

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I stood there stunned as they danced their friend out of the bar and it took me a minute to realise that she must have to text them asking them to save her from a terrible date. - Anonymous To infinity and beyond My most memorable dating story was meeting my now wife Sinéad at a singles' night and it was love at first sight, leading straight away to a loving second date. I used to go to speed dating events in Dublin with speeddating.ie, now known as for a few years and then stopped as nothing was happening. When I returned from Australia (my wife had just returned from the UK where she was at college) my friend Gerry suggested we go to a speed dating event one more time and I said sure, why not give it a go one more time.

I choose a singles' night over two other options - a quiz night for singles and just a speed dating event - which sounded a bit different so off we went.

So we dated again and again and again some dates lasting up to 7 hours with constant chat and laughter.

Within a year of meeting at the singles night we were engaged.

He knew the bartender well and so we were chatting away ourselves and with the bartender and kissing a bit on and off.

He started getting a lot more handsy as time went on and I was ok with that for a bit but then it got to be a lot so I went to the bathroom and although I’d only had two cocktails, I was quite disoriented walking.

I went up to the bar to order a round of drinks when suddenly, one after one, this girl's friends start coming into the bar - all had a bit of drink on them - and were dancing around her saying they were going to steal her to take her to Coppers.

I was kind of laughing it off when, next thing, they did just that.

My wife and I were destined not to meet during the speed dating section of the singles' night as I was number 1 and Sinéad was around number 18 and the speed dating event only went to number 13.Eventually, my friend goes off with some girl and so I am left to chat with another who, as it turns out is obsessed with Kings of Leon and was talking to me all about music.One thing led to another and we went back to hers and, once there, she wouldn't stop talking about the Kings of Leon, playing the music etc.She wasn’t going to let go of a good thing (her words, not mine).I turned up to the Church restaurant afraid I’d forget what Sinéad looked like.

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