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Kentish Town was a prime site for development as the Kentish Town Road was a major route from London northwards.

Karl Marx was a famous resident, living at 46 Grafton Terrace from 1856.

This week we were featured on Made In Chelsea on Channel 4 (series 17, episode 10). We hosted a special speed dating event (even though the whole traditional speed dating thing makes us... The hilarious night will consist of various rounds of words... Share an experience that’s a little bit different making it so much easier to break... Share an experience that’s a little bit different making it so much...

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And what better place than one of our favourite venues, Sway Bar in Covent Garden!

The mission first held their services outside but as their funding increased they built a mission house, chapel, and vicarage.

One mission house of the area was Lyndhurst Hall which remained in use before being taken over by the Council.

However, another theory is the name comes from its position near the Fleet; it has been suggested that Kentish Town, which lies in between two forks of the Fleet, takes its name from cant or cantle (from the Middle English It is first recorded during the reign of King John (1207) as kentisston. In this period a chapel of ease was built for its inhabitants.

The early 19th century brought modernisation, causing much of the area's rural qualities, the River Fleet and the 18th-century buildings to vanish, although pockets still remain, for example Little Green Street.

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