Speed dating flash cards relative dating the rocks

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For revision after reading a novel, students identify five different characters from their text.

Organise your five characters into relevant positions (goalkeeper, defenders, attacking midfielder and centre forward.

Students can scan QR codes as soon as they enter the classroom.

Students do not need to type in a complicated website address; the codes are very simple to scan.

It is to reward periods of sustained focus and production with a raffle ticket every so many minutes – this can vary according to levels of engagement – so that the more they earn, the greater their chances of winning a prize draw at the end of the lesson.Click this link to download: Minimum Work List 2014-5 Mrs Sievers: The aim is to encourage pupils to become more confident, read the recipes, help each other and problem solve. Pupils are given 2 laminated hands at the start of the lesson.The hands can be cashed into the teacher for help during the lesson.I use it with KS4 classes specifically when it comes to revision.They can create 7 second summaries of chapters, characters, quotes, etc.

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