Speed dating at uwo

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I guess the best strategy is to just make more friends and have a bigger social network at school.Check out Forest City Sports and Social Club anyway!

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Obviously what bar you go to determines the kind of person you will meet.

For 20s its jacks but its gross there and the people you meet want to hookup not date. Poachers arms or call the office/pubs are where you want to go to find a decent person who you can date.

Something to keep in mind is its a numbers game keep going out until you find the right one and take chances with every person you meet.

Keep in mind (guys) if youre going to the club to pickup you either gotta be financially well off or good looking or a combo between the two; its a very competitive atmosphere.

In hindsight, the majority of couples from whom I know met through a friend or through work/school which seems to be the most common way people hookup in London from what I can tell. We were nearby each other and we just started chatting and after some time we walked around together and had a nice meal that night. Sometimes great people fall out of the sky when you don't expect them ;)I agree.

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