Sophos updating policy not set

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Product release version: RECOMMENDED 2014/09/18 PM Information The synchronization of protection data for product release 'Windows Endpoint Security and Control' was successful, but no new data was found.

Overview This document will detail the recommended practice for configuring a 3rd party antivirus solution to update properly when Deep Freeze is protecting a workstation.

Configuring Sophos Endpoint Security clients to update with Deep Freeze Sophos Endpoint Security supports the use of a command line function that can be used to trigger antivirus updates when the workstations enter into maintenance mode.

la=en Click APPLY and waiting for some second You will be noticed the Certificate error, and Add Exception for this.

Since Deep Freeze has been deployed there, all the issues have been reduced to a simple "Reboot the computer and it'll be clean" resolution.

We have been using Deep Freeze program for 5-7 years and it has made our job so much easier.

Enter the commands to update Sophos in the Batch File field on the Maintenance tab. Click on the “Create” button on the toolbar and save the Workstation Install Program in a location that you will remember. Install the updated workstation install file on your workstations.

All of our corporate PCs have Sophos installed, but we're getting complaints about slow network speed and boot times from the users.

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