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Final Word on the Smooch Dating App Even though Smooch's technical design and user interface is decent, there are three key factors that prohibit us from giving it a positive rating. Two, the fact that many geographical areas, especially those less densely populated, have very few members. If you are single and looking for an online dating app, those phrases are bound to grab your attention.

This makes Smooch unreliable as a regional or national matchmaking platform. There are far more effective dating platforms available for far less money. Those specific claims come from a dating app known as Smooch.

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All that you have to do is to determine whether its marketing-based image coincides with its reality in terms of user experience and results. Fortunately for you, we recently conducted a review of Smooch.You get to upload a complete profile for all other members to see, use our encounters feature for quick and easy matches and you get to search and view your potential matches. If you are already using an online dating app and are seeking an alternative or supplementary platform, the Smooch dating app might catch your eye.If you do not do so, you will not be able to access your Smooch account.If you register on your mobile device, the Smooch app will use the location from your device’s GPS sensor to establish your location.

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