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"This was really just an honest snapshot of what that experience is like. The show has elicited other critic reactions ranging from "the trash you need this Valentine's Day" at Mashable, to "the new Netflix reality show you'll love to hate" at The Guardian.But the consensus seems to be that it's a worthwhile, addicting watch.Unlike “The Bachelor,” there’s no host — and zero buildup.Viewers drop straight into each encounter, fly-on-the-wall style. almost on steroids in New York.” Co-creator Chris Culvenor, who’s also Australian, says that diversity and the sheer mass of singletons here makes dating uniquely interesting and challenging.

"This isn’t a quest to find necessarily the love of your life, who you’re going to marry," he said. Bustle's Taylor Maple wrote that the show "doesn't foster a competitive environment, even though the premise encourages the cast to choose only one person to reconnect with later on." "It's an interesting, fresh take on the genre — one that allows viewers to be a fly on the wall for what, for all intents and purposes, seems like real, genuine dates," Maple added.The mission: Find one match worthy of a second date." Critics love the show's fresh take on the dating show formula.Vulture's Kathryn Van Arendonk wrote that the show takes a little while to hook you, but once it does, it's "deceptively appealing." READ MORE: Netflix and HBO are fighting over the original TV crown, but the number of hours Netflix is putting out is overwhelming "At that point, the addictive secret of Dating Around was clear: It recognizes how much romance-related reality television has left on the table — how many kinds of human experience are rarely highlighted on The Bachelor or Millionaire Matchmaker or 90 Day Fiancé or Married at First Sight or Are You the One — and it seizes what those other shows typically ignore," Van Arendonk wrote." Netflix released up to 50 reality and talks programs in 2018 with plans for more this year, according to Vulture.Netflix released its first reality dating show, "Dating Around," on Thursday (Valentine's Day).

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