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Users can start chatting on any page of your website. Instead of relying on live support to answer chats, you can set up a chatbot that dialogues with customers using natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI), or you can create a custom sequence that guides users through various menus and options to get exactly what they need.

The chat is persistent, meaning that if they start a Messenger chat from your website, that chat thread is also available on their mobile device or the desktop version of Facebook Messenger. If you want, you can also set a message that informs users when they should check back for a live chat with a real person. Yes, WP-Chatbot is designed to work with any website built on Word Press v. It has been tested up to Word Press version 5.2 What else do I need in order to start using WP-Chatbot? Consent, a requisite component of GDPR, takes place when the user clicks the button to “continue as [name].” It’s important that any chatbot dialogues you create should inform subscribers how they can unsubscribe at any time.

With a Messenger chatbot, you are securing leads night and day.

Ordinary live chat plugins don’t compare with the power and potential of a Facebook Messenger plugin. Because such plugins do not retain the contacts in Facebook Messenger. By using Mobile Monkey, a chatbot builder, you can engage with the user long after their first interaction.

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– A single, unified inbox for website chats, Facebook page chats, or other entry points. Chat history is persistent regardless of when and how your users messaged you. Your entire team including support personnel from around the world can access the conversations.The widget is usually persistently positioned at the lower corner of a website. Larry Kim, the founder of Mobile Monkey is a three-time winner of the most influential PPC marketer, a number one columnist on Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.He founded Wordstream, grew it to one of the world’s leading search marketing firms, and later sold it for 0m. Some of the world’s leading marketers and publications are active users of WP-Chatbot or its parent company, Mobile Monkey.– Seamless integration with other powerful chat bot tools.WP-Chatbot is fully integrated with the Mobile Monkey chatbot builder.

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