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For 45 minutes I asked anyone and everyone I could for help.

#neveragain This was my first time on Virgin, I loved the movie selection and being able to chat with my sister, who was also on the flight, without having to get out of my seat.

As they say, "all's fair in love and in war", and you can make your own rules and follow your own desires! We have male - female couples, lesbian couples, transsexual couples, gay couples as well threesomes and moresomes !

This means you will always be able to find the right chat room for you !

The coffee was awful, but it’s an airline so I wasn’t expecting much.

It was 5 minutes to boarding, I still didn't have a ticket and the agent was quite rude when I inquired.2 1/2 hours total causing me and many others to miss connecting flights.

I had no luggage to check and the line to security was non existent, but frontier had no one at their check ins and the auto check ins wouldn't print my boarding pass.

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For many reasons, it is difficult for him to make room for something real.

On top of the delayed flight they changed the gate from one frontier flight to the next.

I was at the very back of the plane and unfortunately could hear Everything she had to say.

She basically shamed me for having a beer in the morning.

When i get to my seat I have two people completely unwilling to move to let me into my window seat, but are all too eager to tell me to be sure not to hit them.

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