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He claims he wasn't even near Barrow Creek, had taken the Tanami Road instead (a rough bush track from Alice Springs to Western Australia. But speculations revolve around paranoia and aggression induced by his heavy amphetamine use.It runs past Wolfe Creek National Park) Many questions remain. Murdoch is a self confessed drifter, drug runner, and regularly transported large amounts of cannabis between Alice Springs and Broome in Western Australia.I recommend the interview, and if you want the true "true story", read the book. There sure are many parallels, enough for Murdoch's lawyers to prevent the movie from being released in the Northern Territory during the trial.

The line "based on true events" surely helps marketing the film, but it is misleading...

The character of Mick Taylor, the seemingly friendly and helpful bush bloke, is modelled on Ivan Milat.

Milat was a serial killer who picked up hitchhikers and took them into the woods where he tortured and killed them.

Unusual in our age of media hype and rampant disclosure...

Update: (unfortunately the five page interview is no longer online), which confirms every impression I had of her. Joanne Lees is an exceptionally strong person who deserves our compassion and our admiration.

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