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(In June, Facebook added AFP as a fact-checker.) Vera Files’ Tordesillas told Buzz Feed News the partnership included “a payment scheme” to submit an agreed-upon number of fact-checked items to Facebook per month, but declined to disclose the specific payment or the terms of the agreement. The solutions have to come from the platform.” On a bright and oppressively hot morning in Manila, RJ Nieto recounted a string of conspiracy theories over a meal of beef tapa and rice in OK Café in Pasig, a smoggy city on the eastern border of Metro Manila: A Filipino photojournalist livestreamed military activities during a conflict in the southern Philippines and put soldiers at risk, he told me (not true); the former administration was in such a “rush to plunder public funds” that it botched a nationwide vaccine program and endangered young lives (unproven); all media outlets are irreparably biased by their owners (antithetical to the fundamental principles of journalism).

David, the UP professor, criticized Facebook’s initiatives in the Philippines.“Facebook comes here and gives assurances, meets groups, and starts initiatives, which essentially pushes the work back to us — media and academics,” she told Buzz Feed News. We have some of our most seasoned and experienced journalists and educators spending inordinate amounts of time developing fact-checking protocols, training students, and catching false reports floating around on Facebook, when they could be using that time actually reporting and investigating important political stories.”“We have been screaming that to the high heavens over here for at least two years,” David added. He paused only for a moment, when a young woman in her twenties approached our table.

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“These,” Ressa said, referring to Facebook’s propaganda and false news problems, “are growth pains for a startup that’s running the world. And I want them to fix it, quickly.”In April, the Philippines became one of the first countries in Asia where Facebook launched third-party fact-checking, partnering with Rappler and Vera Files as its certified fact-checking partners.In July 2017, after Duterte had repeatedly disparaged and threatened the newspaper, the Inquirer’s owners decided to sell a majority stake to Ramon Ang, the billionaire president of Filipino consumer goods company San Miguel Corporation — and a close ally of the president’s.“We had a number of meetings where we were told to be brave, to soldier on.False news did not have to supplant the legacy brands.People went from no access to news to gaining access only through Facebook’s algorithm-driven news feed.”For Ressa, who’s long viewed Facebook as a close partner, Rappler’s current circumstances are a conundrum.

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