Sedating cats for airplane travel

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They should be able to tuck away beneath the seat in front of you, depending on your airline.Getting them accustomed to remaining in their carrier for extended periods of time is also going to be the key to your success.

sedating cats for airplane travel-36

sedating cats for airplane travel-36

Instead, let’s take a closer look at whether you need to sedate your cat for travel on a plane or in a car.While it may be unfamiliar territory for your feline, it is a much smaller and quieter space than an airplane.There are fewer people and rarely any strangers to distract your cat while you are riding in your own vehicle.It can last for six to eight hours, helping to soothe an agitated animal.Some of the side effects include: While these side effects might be rare and could be potentially harmless, you should be aware of the risk.

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