Sedan service sports dating black car

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green with separate silvered grille and headlights. 75.00 late 1930's FIRE TRUCK with ladders (note that the ladders are broken and shortened). Dealers catalog - not available to the general public. 10 different boxed gift sets; large individually boxed vehicles. red with black running board, gold radiator and steering wheel. paint worn BUT the casting is perfect, tires intact. this is the version with the axles outside of fenders. who is the president of a local history society in Plymouth. Dating is a bit difficult because people are hiding the identification features but rounded bonnet and non-detachable wheels suggest this is a Difficult one. Then advice from Florin that it may be a Graf & Stift.

3" variation with closed rear windows and open wheel front fenders. Appears to have had strip of tape down the middle that when peeled off - left a bare stripe. this is the version that came with the camper trailer (has hole in bed). chip out of top edge of roof; hairline crack in roof and cracked at tops of window post. 42.50 1962 CHRIS CRAFT CAPRI BOAT & TRAILER (this is the mate to the 1962 Ford Station Wagon).

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