Scott speedman dating history

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For instance, do you remember that sexy haircut he got? Now, maybe he wore that one brownish/greenish plaid shirt a bit too often, but he was in college, so we'll let it slide.

At the end of the day, there was very little Ben needed to improve upon here.

And almost two decades later, Keri Russell and her "We were actually dating at the time, and I'd been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until then," Speedman explained to Kimmel.

"And I knew I had to put on a good show when I was going to see her new haircut.

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It's sweet to see him being so honest now — even though it was a big change, he wanted to be supportive.

On the other hand, Noel was always there for Felicity as a friend, but he wasn't always there for her as a romantic partner. We turned to our handy friend math to figure it out.

Ben and Noel were both graded on a scale of 1 to 10 in a variety of crucial categories to prove once and for all who Felicity's best boyfriend really is. He definitely didn't always make the right choices when it came to their friendship and relationship.

Score: 9Noel: On the other hand, Noel wasn't that hard to look at either.

Honestly, if Ben and Noel were in a boy band together, Ben would have been the sexy heartthrob, while Noel would have been the dreamy cute one. Felicity was so lucky and she didn't even know it, let alone appreciate it.

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