Scott michael foster dating laura prepon

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My family and I all went out to Possum Kingdom Lake that next day to eat at a restaurant that we love called Wild Catter Ranch in west Texas.

It was a great time and we all celebrated Scott, my nephew and our mom’s birthday.

Fingers crossed…Foster was born on March 4, 1985, in Winfield, Illinois where he grew up as a farm boy until his family relocated to Dallas, Texas when he was 12 years old. Born to a father who works for IBM, Foster grew up “in the environment of Silicon Prairie.” The only boy in his family, Foster has two sisters.

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The campuses are just stunning,” the Greek alum confessed.

Fans of the hit show would agree that the on-screen chemistry between them was just absolutely undeniable. Fans were particularly excited about their relationship as it all seemed like a fairy tale come true.

However, the pair couldn’t quite hold it together for long as they split in 2008, smashing the hearts of Greek fans.

It’s a series of funny videos that Scott, Jamie and Laura Prepon came up with.. He actually posts too, since he has twitter for his blackberry and can tweet on the go.

All you fans have to support him and watch the videos! Just recently, Scott flew in to Dallas to be a part of the charity that is near and dear to our family, The Sue Weaver CAUSE.

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