Santa cruz dating scene

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Stoner raps it with his knuckles, and it sounds like he's knocking on a door. In the 1990s, Jane "The Lane" Mc Kenzie makes an appearance in the museum.Mc Kenzie earned her nickname because she was one of the few women surfing Steamer Lane in the early '60s.This moment, according to Stoner, cements in stone that surfing on the mainland United States originated in Santa Cruz.Outside the museum, a plaque commemorates that day with an engraving of the three princes.

Stoner tells me that nearly everything we're looking at was donated by the local community — fellow surfers digging in their garages for old boards and photos, talking to family members and sharing their own stories.

While on summer vacation, David caught a glimpse of the swell at the mouth of the San Lorenzo River, close to where the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk stands today.

"[David] probably saw the perfect 'A-frame' waves at the river mouth, similar to the waves of Waikiki ... They went to the local timber mill, picked up some redwood planks and shaped them into boards using knives.

On top of that, the museum is managed by volunteers, funded by donations and is always free to visit.

"It's a gem," Stoner says, standing in the museum he helped create.

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