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The manga was published by Gentosha and was serialized on Kimi to Boku starting in 1996 and ending in 2002.The manga has been licensed and published in English by Tokyopop, as well as a light novel., which followed a similar story line but cast the characters in slightly different roles.Murakami went to New York to research for a storyline later in Gravitation where the characters visit the city.Hot up-and-coming rock star Shuichi Shindo is about to hit the big time!Unfortunately, this young lyricist has some major writer's block, and studio deadlines are looming.With just a few days until the start of their big concert tour, Shuichi has lost his voice!

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The dōjinshi are much more sexually explicit than the anime and deviate heavily from the manga storyline.

Murakami has created dōjinshi based on Gravitation which she describes as "pretty hard-core, adult stuff.

Remix is softcore and Megamix is much more hardcore." She created the dōjinshi to explore tensions between the characters.

One evening, Shuichi is looking over lyrics for a song he was writing when his paper is blown away by the wind and picked up by a tall, blond haired (light brown in the manga) stranger.

The man dismisses Shuichi's hard work as garbage, which hurts Shuichi deeply.

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