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That's why I took a deep dive in the Steam RPG Maker tag, gathering data about all 559 tagged games released to this day. Many RPG Maker versions have been released over the years, and even the older ones are still in use.There were also a couple of games I wasn't able to identify, because they looked too different from your average RPG Maker game.RPG Maker also provides you with many pre-made systems, like a save system, a battle system and default menus.These come in handy, but they are also a pain (or, in some versions, impossible) to modify.When RPG Maker VX appeared on Steam, Steam Direct was blooming.For the first time, RPG Maker users got the opportunity to directly release their works on Steam.

It's not a question of laziness: most small developers simply don't have the time, skill and resources to make everything from scratch.

Most games without a score were released after the launch of Steam Direct. For years, RPG Maker didn't have a Western publisher.

On average, RPG Maker games have a median value of 76 per cent positive reviews, putting them firmly in the "Mostly Positive" category. People pirated the engine, illegally translated it, and used it to make small RPGs to post, play and comment on in tightly-knit communities.

Having said that, the RPG Maker Steam tag more or less contains: The result is not surprising.

RPG Maker VX has been around for a while, and has the highest numbers of custom resources/plugins freely available to devs.

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