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These are big questions, and they’ve sparked an intense battle between pro- and anti-sex robot campaigners.

The focus on a very specific definition of sex robots, as women designed for men, is one that Girl on the Net feels misses the potential. “I’m very keen on this idea that sex robots…can actually open up the discussion around sex that isn’t just man and woman.” There’s the potential for a vast array of specific machines, designed for a wide array of preferences and orientations.

Does empathizing with robots mean the next Zuckerberg could try and sell our emotions to us, or is it something we already do without the tech world’s help, so accepting it can help us better understand ourselves?

There are no easy answers, but if Pearson is to be believed, it’ll be decades before sex robots reach the market.

“When you dig a little bit deeper, it sounds like a lot of what the campaign believes is that any sex which is not loving…it’s not a religious argument, but it’s that kind of conservative, sex should be between two people who love each other very much, type of thing,” said Girl on the Net.

As time goes on, it becomes clearer that there’s a wider schism between the two arguments.

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