Rihanna and jay z dating rumors dating depression glass

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The record producer was reportedly planning to party with Rihanna after the event, to which Beyoncé allegedly said no.“She couldn’t get Lyndall off her mind,” the author said in his book.

But finally, in 2004, Beyoncé decided to “shut out her ex forever.” Taraborrelli writes that the pop singer couldn’t afford to have Locke be an issue between herself and Jay Z.

Jay-Z referred to the incident as the only time that the two of them had not gotten along.

Late last month, Beyoncé and Solange's father, Matthew Knowles, spoke up about the elevator attack.

The media has already reached representatives of Beyoncé and Jay Z for comment about the controversial book.

Often, rumors will swirl about the couple's relationship long before anyone privy to the truth offers up any confirmation.

From that infamous elevator fight to relying on Oprah for dating advice to trademarking their daughter's name, here are the 15 Secrets Even True Fans Didn’t Know About Beyoncé And Jay-Z’s Marriage.

Jay-Z admitted that he didn't really like himself and had a lot of issues with his self-esteem.

In the book, it “drove a wedge” between the two artists just three years before their wedding.

The made-up cheating issue was then connected to Solange Knowles’ elevator encounter with Jay Z during the Met Gala event last year.

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