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She has previously said: “I desperately want to be married one day. “I want to marry in a forest like in the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” But mocking her unsuccessful love life, she added: “If Mr Right is out there, he’ll have to come and get me.

“I’m waiting for some dashing, gorgeous chappie to carry me off to his castle on his white charger.

And a couple of months earlier she had been spotted smooching a mystery man in the back of a black cab.

In fact, Robbie once tried to steal her from Darren.

Anna later said: “We both sat down and said, ‘This isn’t working any more’.

“Maybe we just grew apart, and I certainly suspect if we had stayed together any longer we might not be friends.” In fact, the pair have remained on unusually good terms since their split.

And in January she shimmied along the red carpet with actor Laurence Fox, 38, who split from wife Billie Piper, 34, last year before attempting to relaunch himself as a singer-songwriter.

But clearly enjoying her freedom, Anna insists she has no need, or desire, for a boyfriend.

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