Revalidating lapsed ppl

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This allows you to fly an aircraft with one piston engine, weighing up to 2000kg, in reasonable weather, in daytime and to use the aircraft radio to communicate with ATC.

To obtain this licence you must complete a minimum of 32 hours flying training – plus 2 skill tests, 10 hours of this must be solo and of that, 5 hours must be navigation.

You will need an EASA LAPL medical, which can be obtained from either a CAA authorised medical examiner or your GP, alternatively a class 2 aviation medical from a CAA AME is acceptable.

Once you have an LAPL, you must fly 10 hours as PIC before you can carry passengers.

Then it’s on to cross-country navigation, where we go and visit at least two other airfields (we normally use Newcastle & Durham Tees-Valley or Blackpool & Liverpool), eventually you then just have some pre-test revision and the skills test to do.

To obtain this licence you must complete a minimum of 45 hours flying, 10 hours of this must be supervised solo and of that, 5 hours must be navigation.You will need an EASA class 2 aviation medical, from a CAA authorised medical examiner.During the course you will need to pass 9 theory exams, all of which are multi-choice and require 75% or more to pass, there is no penalty marking.You may take all these exams here at CFT with our resident CAA approved examiner.You will be deemed to have successfully completed the Theoretical Knowledge requirements for the PPL when you have passed all the exams within an 18 month period, this time is counted from the end of the month of your first exam attempt.

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