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Their response to God’s revelation of their sin was to blame someone else rather than take responsibility for their lack of self-control.

Eve blamed Satan, and Adam blamed Eve (Genesis -13).

The way to know which boundaries are godly is to examine the motive.

Are you protecting yourself or someone weaker from potential harm, either emotional or physical?

Biblically speaking, boundaries are related to self-control.

The Bible commands us to control ourselves, whereas our human nature desires to control others (Titus ).

Children often feel boundaries are “mean” when they are immature.

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Proper boundaries aid believers in keeping out worldly influences.

Our wish is not to keep people away, but when people are being destructive, the boundaries we set can limit the evil they commit against us.

Boundaries are about taking responsibility for our own lives.

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Question: "What are boundaries, and are they biblical?

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