Ranbir dating a mystery girl

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However, it seems as if the couple is trying their level best to move on.

We recently pics of the Kapoor Scion partying till wee hours with a mystery girl who seemed to have taken quite a fancy for him.

One of the most talked about couples is Ranbir-Katrina and their break-up was easily the most talked about as well.

There were rumours of the couple trying to work out their differences and trying to get back together and the couple were spotted together even after the break –up.

However, it was later revealed that the girl was a reporter for a popular film magazine and was just posing for a snap.

But what really got us thinking are these late night snaps with Katrina Kaif and Arjun Kapoor.

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How does he manage to get this 'secret girlfriend' time then?Well, now the memes can continue with more information about the lady. Ranbir was never serious about his relationships and he could get almost any girl he wanted. Katrina on the other hand worked from a very young age and she's very career oriented. We don't pay much attention to this factor because we see them with makeup all the time but Ranbir must be very familiar with how they look for real.She also has a great personality such as she's really quiet and keeps everything to herself and it makes her look sexy and mysterious without even trying. Thrird thing is when Ranbir was dating Deepika, he was in the beginning of his career and wanted to focus. She never surrendered all of her attention to him and she distributes it evenly towards her biological family and career, which kept him on the edge wanting her even more. Katrina looks better than Deepika without makeup(from what I've seen).

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