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She’s got the looks, of course, but her acting chops keep Against the Wall moving briskly — tackling drama, comedy, playing well alone or in a sex scene, dropping all traces of her Australian accent and deftly communicating a little something more with her facial mannerisms.Whatever she’s got, you pay attention to it enough to realize she’s getting the job done with impressive economy.His dated actress, Rachael Carpani who co-starred with him on The Glades.He married Jacqui Passmore in 1997 and they divorced in 2007. He graduated from Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art, which counts Mel Gibson among its many famous alumni.

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It’s tempting to attribute Carpani’s on-screen awkwardness to the fact that she’s Australian, but her generic American accent is as good as the rest of the actors’ on the show.Before attending the National Institute of Dramatic Art in 1999, he worked a variety of jobs like factory work.Soon enough, though, he landed roles in the Australian TV shows Always Greener, Blue Heelers, The Cooks, Last Man Standing and Underbelly: Tale of Two Cities.If Carpani isn’t immediately discussed in the mix with her more famous peers on the broadcast side, she’ll be underestimated.Kathy Baker, who plays Abby’s wise and understanding mother, would have to be in something extraordinarily bad to not be worth watching. And Carpani, the latest Australian blond to strap on a local accent along with a side arm for American TV (see also: Anna Torv on “Fringe,” Yvonne Strahovski on “Chuck”), is an attractive lead who plays the drama for the comedy that lurks at its corners.

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