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” Kelly said, clapping her hands for attention and giving them a manic grin. It’s time for this class to get into practical application!

Eisheth, take point.”“Once we’re in there,” Kelly continued, “only speak if you need to relay information. Remember we’re calling the people Sariel has possessed Sarombies for short, and that if we find anyone who hasn’t caved to him, we want them alive and unharmed. Sarombie Mabel opened fire, but was also screaming for the others.

An important detail Kelly had almost missed last time around – if she needed to speak, the Sarombies weren’t a true hivemind.

They had precious seconds before the entire complex came down on them.“Go go go!

“Yeah, Arthur made me a stone full of animal souls. I can also burn a soul to prolong my life.” She leaned over Ryan. “Crystal’s alive and making her way over, Artemis – oh, Artemis showed up at the last second, by the way – is over with Athena, and Anansi and Dianmu are getting back to their feet.

Everyone’s as beat to hell as you are.” Isabel put her hands on her hips and glowered at Ryan.

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