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( I got really good at sneaking up on them at least, i could kill one once every 12 lives! Battlefield Bad Company 2, a truly modern game, im really excited to play on the new maps, too bad my game decides after 90 hours of play that it's PB can no longer update itself So now, as I reinstall PB setup (The manual file operation doesn't seem to work.) all I can say is. I think DICE should just make a deal with Valve to use VAC or something, because PB is seriously impairing their games. Games are supposed to do it automatically, but there always seems to be cases of conflicts every time somebody patches anything that uses it.) Battlefield 2 never would work until I went to their site and manually Updated it. Battlefield Heroes didn't work about 3 hours in because it stopped updating. America's Army 3, the only thing that can defeat a force of Highly trained US soldiers, is a PB timeout. EA should either develop their own anti-cheat software to run on their servers, or stop trying to compete with valve in the PC market and adopt Steamworks.

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Seriously, is PB (Punkbuster, a form of Anti cheat software) the worst piece of software ever made?Does this make any sense, or give anyone some ideas?Update 2: I think I'm getting closer to the problem: Starting Punk Buster Service Tests (v0.987) (03/02/10 )Checking OS Windows NT 6.1 (build 7600) 64-bi Checking Pnk Bstr A service status RUNNINGChecking Pnk Bstr A Version OK (1032)Extracting "Pnk Bstr B.exe" to: "C:\Users\Buddy\App Data\Roaming\Pnk Bstr B.exe" OKChecking firewall settings OFFIs Pnk Bstr A explicitly allowed?Apparently you have to install, then patch it with an earlier patch (which they don't provide) and THEN upgrade with the expansion, then patch with the new patch, THEN you might be able to play.and since that xp i had no interest in cost 30 bucks, I was out. BLOPS PC ran flawlessly (except for what /demo_enabled 0 fixed) from day one.

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