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Because of this loss of rotational energy in about a billion years or so Earth will rotate at the same rate that the Moon orbits it.

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Tidal waves, or tsunamis, are actually due to underwater earthquakes and so they are unrelated to the pull of the Moon on the Earth (though some scientists have been looking to see if the pull of the Moon can trigger earthquakes—the answer is probably no or at least the evidence is not convincing).

When the Moon is at one of these nodes, the Moon, Earth, and Sun are lined up so that an eclipse can occur. Recall how a tightrope walker is stabilized by holding a long pole.

In this case, gravity is pulling down on the pole and it takes more force (torque) to turn the pole (and the person with it).

The Moon does, however, cause tides whose height is greatly influenced by local topography.

Tides are caused by a combination of the pull of the Moon and the pull of the Sun.

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