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He celebrated Halloween 2017 with Kim Porter and their son and Cassie did well to give them space. However, 50 Cent gave a few folks a reason to be skeptical about Diddy’s sexuality when he threw a jab at his fellow rapper via a now-deleted Instagram post in January 2018 suggesting that Diddy was gay.

Diddy responded to 50’s allegations during his appearance on the Breakfast Club saying that he doesn’t take 50’s jokes personally.

With a net worth of about 0 million, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs was the richest hip hop artist of 2013, beating out icons like Jay-Z and Dr. Combs didn’t make his money just off rapping—he’s also a successful record producer, entrepreneur, and actor.

In fact, most of his money comes from non-musical work. Four years later, Combs released his first album, which won a Grammy, and it’s now certified seven-times platinum.

Combs was charged for assault in June 2015 for confronting Justin’s football coach.

Up next, Combs began a relationship with stylist Kimberly Porter.

However, many suspect that he would finally walk the aisle with his on-and-off girlfriend Cassie Ventura whom he began seeing in 2006 after ending things with Kim Porter.

Though in recent years, Cassie Ventura is the one woman who comes to mind anytime the topic of Seam Comb’s romantic life is mentioned, the hip-hop mogul has had many other women in his life.When they split sometime in the late 1990s, Combs began dating pop star Jennifer Lopez, a relationship that was heavily publicized.They were even engaged but the relationship began to turn sour after they were both involved in a shooting incidence in a Manhattan nightclub. The same offense would come to ruin Combs’ relationship with Kim Porter.Combs and Porter were in a longterm relationship that lasted for about 13 years from 1994 to 2007, albeit off-and-on.Before they had begun dating, Kim had a son named Quincy who was born in 1991 with her former flame, a 3-time Grammy nominated artist Al B. Sean would come to adopt Quincy after getting serious with Kim.

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