Psychology tactics dating

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"If you are taught a new task at work, most people learn to do the task and then perform the task.If you find another employee to teach what you just learned, you will comprehend the concept better, and retain the info for much longer.Your palm will be warm and dry, and you'll be on your way to impressing right out of the gate. All you need to do to be more charming is ask more questions.That's according to a psychological researcher on Reddit who advises job candidates to "get [the interviewer] to talk about themselves....So when you're looking to impress and be remembered, think carefully about how to leave on a high note.Here's one for all of you who work in customer service, courtesy of a fun, in-depth Reddit thread on psychological hacks: "Put a mirror behind you at the counter.

Going to do something that makes you tense or nervous? "By chewing gum, you are basically tricking your brain into thinking you are comfortable.

This way angry customers who approach you will have to see themselves in the mirror behind you, and the chances of them behaving irrationally lowers significantly.

No one wants to see themselves act like a d*ckhead."On Reddit, this one comes courtesy a "Navy lifer," but the idea is also endorsed by Nobel laureates.

If those you're looking to chat with turn their feet toward you, go ahead. Want your kid to actually like practicing the piano, or your employee to really enjoy that hard task you've just assigned him?

Then don't bribe either of them with some sort of reward for their effort.

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