Pregnancy dating scan 7 weeks

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The ears are continuing to form while the eyes are now covered with the beginnings of what will later become eyelids.As you are now half way through the first trimester, you may be getting used to being pregnant however there is a lot of change on the horizon.Week 7 is an exciting time for you and your baby, as you will both be changing rapidly.It’s the time when your baby experiences a huge growth spurt.The risk of an ectopic pregnancy is low in women who have not had one before but much higher if they have had one before or if they have previously had pelvic infection. On the NHS you will be left alone at this stage unless you have any problems.If you do experience any bleeding, you will be seen quite quickly either in A & E or by your GP. If you do experience sharp pain, passing out or heavy bleeding call an ambulance.Bright red vaginal bleeding is common but not normal at this time.

Many women find it helpful to eat ginger biscuits before getting out of bed in the morning.7 weeks also marks the start of a huge growth spurt.During this period (between 7 and 20 weeks) your baby’s body parts will grow rapidly and organs such as the heart and brain will develop and increase in complexity.You may feel that aches and pains are more pronounced and may experience back ache even though you’re not carrying any significant weight yet.This can be due to the softening of the bones to make way for your growing baby bump.

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