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Breakups are emotional and you’re often left with so many unanswered questions as to what went wrong.It’s even harder, when your ex moves on quicker than you do and they start posting pictures of their new partner on social media.With an oversupply of men, they can have their pick of the litter.Indeed, any female posting a profile to an online dating site usually gets deluged with e-mails from interested men. With results like that, it’s not hard to see that his chances of actually getting a date are pretty slim.Of course, being the numbers kind of guy I am, I thought it might be useful to find out what an average reply rate even is for a dating site like Plentyof Fish.So I did a little number crunching; lets take a look.This shows me that even guys who are willing to put in minimal effort of initiating contact on Plenty of fish have a decent shot of getting a date.Of course there are still a lot of guys putting in effort to send 1-5 emails per day and not getting anything out of it, which is definitely frustrating when looking into one's Plenty Fish inbox but from the little amount of data received from the guys sending out more than 10 emails per day, it does appear promising that increased frequency does indeed result in more dates.

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They are then grouped on the horizontal axis by the number of dates that resulted from their respective email message frequency.

And as most of us men should know by now, is that online dating is largely a numbers game, thus it's vital to go beyond the 1-5 per day.

Also, I'd like to take this time to point out that the "none" category is the second highest for both genders at around 20% of the respondents, which is astounding to me that these people don't do ANYTHING proactive to be successful on Plentyof Fish.

That’s four hundred times thirteen, or 5,200 e-mails to find a partner!

I can’t imagine any man having the kind of time or energy on his hands to carry out such a Herculean task.

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