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“That’s always been the mission, getting deeper, shedding off the layers and that’s never really stopped.” is set to feature a Pop sound meshed with Hip Hop, Pigeon John says.

“Going in a Pop direction was inevitable, I think, because of the way I was brought up, listening to ’80s Pop radio,” Pigeon John says.

"Draw Me" is also good and has the same sadness to it.

All in all we get that distinctive Pigeon John-ishness: the way of talking about big issues like love, death and the meaning of life in a geeky but rather charming way.

"Sleeping Giants" features Living Legends Grouch and Eligh talking about the struggle of succeeding in the business.

Mr J might have chosen a sample we have heard before, but he added a very dope flute to it and succeeds in making an interesting piece of music. "Matter 101" is one of a few tracks where PJ stops rapping and turns to singing instead.

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Sometimes he raps and sometimes he sings, but most of the time he is somewhere in between.

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“That, teamed up with the Hip Hop my brother was listening to, influenced where I’ve gone today, everything from Phil Collins, Depeche Mode, De La Soul, Madonna and the Beastie [Boys] to the [Boogie Down Productions] cassette I listened to on the way to school.” The genre-meshing on the album is accompanied by Pigeon John’s lyrics, which can become personal at times.

is set to include lyrics about his divorce from his former wife, Harmony. And I always felt so disconnected compared to life on tour.

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