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Is it not true that women first eliminate 80% of men from consideration on the basis of objective worth and then find their favorites among the remaining men based on a few essentially frivolous preferences? Rather, personal preferences and pure chance narrow the field of men down to a small number of acceptable suitors. As I mentioned, the man was a weirdo with a burned-off face.Women evaluate the remaining men based on an even more personalized standard. Rochester was even more attractive after he got his face burned off. The answer is that she did it for reasons that make sense in the overall context of the story, and are therefore not explicable in terms of a calculation based on the man’s Alpha quotient.The idea that relationship compatibility is the primary factor in mate choice explains people’s long term attachment to one another. Not for money, she’d just given away the equivalent of millions dollars the chapter before.

Once people have noticed mutual compatibility, they grow attached to each other as the relationship strengthens over time, or drift apart as the relationship decomposes.

It’s important to distinguish between “Petersonian” theory and “what Dr. After a careful reread of Das Kapital, I failed to find any injunction to create a “Gulag Archipelago”.

Likewise, it would be shocking if the prevailing sentiment among Peterson’s fans was similar to Dr. I applaud Peterson’s suggestion that we occasionally ask ourselves questions like “What use am I to other people? I even agree with Jordan’s I put it to you that: Women do not choose their mates based on their position in a dominance hierarchy.

The attractive couples you see walking around the produce isle are together because they share a love of diet and exercise.

There is no elect 20% of men who are privileged to choose their own mates.

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