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But there is one thing you should always remember: Before you start and at every stage with a working setup, do make a full backup of the SD.hi all, i have a problem remembering things dew to car accedent and i thought this also may help others in my same situation i have a chinese gps that runs igo primo R19 and i alway have to ask some one for the up dates for it and how to put it on the sd card and where does it go on the card.so my question is, could some one explain in detail how all this is done please there are so many things in primo when i open it ,i dont know where to start, like where and how would you put an update hope this isnt a problem for any one my thanks in advance and hopefully it may also help some others regards peter __________________ used to be nl 1999 auto,3.5lt petrol.it was supose to be compatible when i bort it, but it didnt have ausy maps on it.so after putting primo on it, i cant get the offical updates.

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