Parenting dating teen

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There will be times when you can see your teen hurtling towards a mistake that will lead to them getting hurt.It’s hard to stand back, but your child will not learn without making mistakes.It’s almost impossible for them to imagine that you were ever a teenager yourself and can understand anything of what they are feeling.If you can talk to them about how you felt when you had your first kiss, your first date, your first boyfriend and your first broken heart, it can open up a conversation.

When teen dating begins, it’s hard to find the balance.It can help you both share your thoughts and feelings about dating.If you feel a little awkward about initiating chats about relationships, it can help to watch TV shows or films together and use them as a springboard to open up conversations about teen dating.Be there to talk to them, hug them and pick up the pieces when they are hurt.Help them learn lessons from their first forays into the world of teen dating.

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