Pagdating ng mga amerikano sa labas

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Family, can be one, since it is central to our culture. if we fail to do so, we seem to go back to prehispanic and colonial times when we only pay loyalty to our regions and families.Yes, it’s easy to be Tadeo in a time when all those who prevail in our times are the Juanito Pelaezes, the Salvis, the Damasos, Kapitan Tiagos and the like.It’s easy to be a Basilio more focused in finishing studies than of being concerned with one’s society.On the other hand, real talk, can you imagine yourself not having a nationality or cultural roots to go back with?We can figuratively vomit with the negative concerns of our country, but can we really disown her? *** Oblation is not only a statue or a symbol of an annual run.

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