Otherkin dating site

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Usually a spiritual belief pertaining to one's soul and the reincarnation thereof, but may also be a belief that one's genetics are descended from, for example, the Irish fae.

A person who holds the belief that they are not entirely (or not at all) human.

Otherkin Dating is a server for those with a non-human identity to meet one another and to get to know eachother better, ideally forming relationships in the process.

Please note that this server is only for people who are 18 or over.

Scammers are known to blackmail their targets using compromising material.You're basically dating another person, who just happens to be Otherkin but you don't know until much later.It's not something someone brings up unless they feel they can trust this person.I don't talk to many people offline about it, and it's not something that I'm comfortable bringing up without being fairly certain the person I'm speaking with is going to be comfortable or at least not judgey about it. It feels a little weird to talk about it, honestly, because it's not a belief that we share.It's not something they're required to know immediately upon meeting me, and it's something that most of my social network is clueless about. It's nice to be able to though, because it is a part of who I am and it's something that's shaped the way I interact with the world for the better.

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